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Products - Puradyn bypass oil filter

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Without filtration clean oil would be contaminated quickly by soot, fuel or water. This also cannot be avoided effectively by full flow filter for example, which only filters out particles in the 40-20 micron size. The majority of by-pass filters can do this, however, already at a size of 20-5 microns. To avert wear effectively, all particles bigger than 1 micron size should be filtered. For those technically demanding tasks the Puradyn Bypass Oil Filter has been designed and is 100% capable to filter these micro-particles , since it is an oil-refinement-system, a particle-filter.

It filters solid-defilement from all kinds of oil, such as

  • motor
  • hydraulic
  • gearbox
  • special sorty of oil

Clean oil offers a lot of advantages. It decreases the wear of engines and therefore the risk of operating accidents. Furthermore it extends the expected useful life of the oil, which leads to overall cost savings.