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Centralised lubrication

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Reasons for centralised lubrication

The traditional method of lubricating the wear points generally consists in getting through to each single point of lubrication manually with a grease gun or grease pistol. This is a difficult as well as time-consuming undertaking inasmuch some of the greasing points or lubricating points are difficult to access. Furthermore, it is complicated to identify the correct quantity of lubricant.

A centralised lubrication system feeds all wear points with the necessary lubricant during operation and in continuous time intervals. Thus the lubrication is effected while all bearings are in action.

Benefits of centralised lubrication:

  • Operating state of the machine is increased significantly with a perfect centralised lubrication
  • Costs for maintenance and reparation are decreased significantly
  • No holding time of machines and staff
  • Significant extension of economic life-time of bearings
  • Environmentally friendly as up to 40% of lubricant can be saved by using centralised lubrication


What are the types of centralised lubrication systems?

Single-line centralised lubrication

Single-line lubrication systems are suitable for the many lubricating points of small to medium-sized machines. The lubricant is supplied here with intermittent pressure via lubricant distributors to the friction points in metered amounts.

Progressive and two-line systems

The progressive system represents the classical solution to lubricating large plants. Progressive distributors have become an integral parts of modern centralised lubrication systems. Their advantage clearly lies in the fact that with only one supply line they can supply lubricant to several lubricating points. A reciprocating dosing plunger monitors the distribution function.

Centralised lubrication systems for mobile applications

Centralised lubrication systems of this series are specifically designed to commercial vehicles such as trucks as well as agricultural and construction machinery. Progressive systems are used here for lubricating greases. Our catalogue includes our standard threaded couplings and hose assemblies for centralised lubrication.

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