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Centralised lubrication systems
Fittings and hose lines

Centralised lubrication systems - products and accessories

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Cutting-ring fittings-centralised lubrication systems Centralised lubrication systems - push-in connectors Centralised lubrication systems - screw sleeves
cutting ring fittings  push-in connectors  screw sleeves
Centralised lubrication systems - hose studs Centralised lubrication systems - adapters, extension pieces Centralised lubrication systems - accessories
hose studs
adapters, extension pieces
Centralised lubrication systems - plastic tubes Centralised lubrication systems - high pressure hoses
plastic tubes
high pressure hoses

Fittings and hose lines

for centralised lubrication systems are needed everywhere, when it comes to lubrication. Wherever moving parts rub against direct contacts there is a need to protect those. Sometimes one stock affects million values. To keep this point moving is our passion. It does not matter if you are using manual or automatic central lubrication systems or greasing support for single points. For these products our permanent improvement in detail is our main purpose. The quality in detail is the factor that provides an easier installation to our customers and a long lasting product to the end user. This is why we are producing for many years now beyond the standard requirements. Not without pride, we consider our products as a mirror of our corporate philosophy. As an efficient producer and supplier of centralised lubrication systems, we deliver these parts for more than 27 years, both to manufacturers and industry as well as plants and municipalities.



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