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adapter, extension piece

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adapter, extension piece
adapter extension piece    

Our connection piece, extension piece is used as adapter, extension, grease nipple extension or reducer. This extension piece is available in different lengths and threads so that all lubrication points can be reached. Therefore, they can also be used as a lubrication aid.

For any further information regarding the several connectors. Please click on the respective picture in order to get detailed information about the adapter/extension piece you need.

More details about the adapter - extension piece

Basically, an extension piece or a grease nipple extension is nothing but an adapter. An adapter and consequently an extension piece serves as a connector which is used in mainly all industrial branches including in centralised lubrication technology.
In centralised  lubrication technology, the extension piece is used  for plastic tubes  and high pressure hoses with different diameters  and with cutting ring fittings as well as push in fittings. The company Fritsche offers and produces  exclusively  extension pieces for solderless screw fittings.

There is a distinction between two basic types of threads:

Extensions pieces have a conical, tapered or cylindrical thread on one side and a cylindrical internal thread on the other side with a counterbore conform  to the norm DIN 3854 / DIN 3862 for solderless screw  fittings.The tapered  thread for example is directly screwed into a lubrication point or screwed into a distributor  and the conical thread makes the connection seal and leakproof.An extension piece with a conical thread or with a spigot screw thread conform to the norm DIN 158 keg. and DIN 2999, does not need a gasket because this kind of thread is self-sealing. Therefore the application of any sealing means inside the thread is not necessary.

In the case of a cylindrical thread, the sealing is achieved by an additional gasket, the cutting ring. A male fitting (connector) is screwed in a the female thread.In this case for example, the extension piece  can serve as a connection between a difficult  to access  lubrication point and a pipeline. By tightening the socket union, the tapered sleeve is compressed by the conical inner surface of the extension piece.On this occasion, the internal side of the double cone drive is cut into the outer surface of the plastic tube and this connection becomes seal and form closed.
Depending on the application, and extension piece can be also called a grease nipple extension or a reducer.
Of course, our extension connector can be used in all current industrial fittings and connections  in the central lubrication technology.
Besides the various thread sizes, our extension piece and adapter range includes a large selection of lengths too, in order to  reach each lubrication point and to cover various pressure ranges.

Overview of application and use:

  • Direct connection between a difficult to access  lubrication point and a pipeline. It can either be here a plastic pipe or a high pressure hose. For the assembly of plastic tubes, reinforcing socket as well as a socket union with a tapered sleeve  is needed. For the installation of a steel tube a reinforcing socket is not necessary. A screw sleeve and a hose stud is required for the assembly of a high pressure hose.
  • The extension piece  can be screwed directly to a distributor.
  • As a connecting element the extension piece  is applicable for short and long distances with one or even two lubrication points.
  • A extension piece, is also used as a so-called reduction piece. In this case, the extension piece has two different thread sizes and thread standards.  An extension piece is called a reducer, if the male thread is larger than the female thread. For example: connecting two different pipes with different diameters.


Please pay attention to cleanliness during all work and maintenance on the system, especially when changing extension pieces. Dirt in the lubrication system leads to unnecessary standstills and costs.
If you do have a need, we do not cover with our current product line, please call us. We like to produce for you on demand.


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