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bulkhead M10x1 M6x1

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bulkhead M10x1 6Lbulkhead M10x1 6L

C.-Item No. Item No. d D1 L1 L2 sw1 sw2
  106-241-L M 6x1 6 33 5 17 14
  106-243-L M 10x1 6 66 20 17 14
  106-243-VA-L* M 10x1 6 66 20 17 14



This bulkhead fitting M 10x1 M 6x1 makes greasing points behind protective walls, protective plates or other safety equipment covers,  more accessible. For this, a straight coupling is installed and from the cutting ring connection according to DIN 2353 and ISO 8434-1 a plastic tube or our high pressure hose 840 bar with a screw sleeve and a hose stud leads to the greasing point of the bearing. Here, the grease nipple will be replaced by cutting-ring fitting or by a push-in fitting in order to connect a plastic tube or a high pressure hose 840 bar. Subsequently, into the bulkhead M 10x1 M 6x1 must be connected a grease nipple. The latter is supplied by a standard manual grease gun.

Material: steel, galvanized surface
* Material: stainless steel 1.4401 / 316 / V4A
Category: Products - fittings - cutting ring fittings - bulkhead M 10 x 1 / M 6 x 1