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hose stud for high pressure hose 600 / 840 bar

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hose stud straight 90° hose stud 45° hose stud
hose stud straight hose stud 90 degree with claw groove hose stud 45 degree with claw groove

Our hose studs respectively tailpieces are compatible with screw sleeve and high pressure hose 840 bar of all well-known manufacturers of centralised lubrication installations as well as central lubrication systems.

Please click on one of the images for detailed information on our hose stud range respectively tailpieces.

The assembly example showing the transition from a steel tube to a high-pressure hose and illustrates two connection options:

a)    Cutting ring fitting ( connector straight) + hose stud + screw sleeve
Cutting ring fitting ( connector straight) + hose stud + screw sleeve

b)    Coupling nut, cutting ring + spec. hose stud n° 3510 - 101 + screw sleeve

Coupling nut, cutting ring + part. Hose stud + screw sleeve

The mounting scheme below shows the connection of a high-pressure hose, hose stud and screw sleeve, as well as our stainless steel spring coil.

connection of a high-pressure hose, hose stud and screw sleeve and stainless steel spring coil.



The hose stud is used as connecting piece to high-pressure hose 840 bars and a push-in type connector or a cutting-ring fitting.

In order to connect a high-pressure hose 840 bars to either a cutting-ring fitting or a push-in type connector, a hose stud is used together with a screw sleeve.
Here, the screw sleeve is first screwed onto the high-pressure hose 840 bars. Then, the hose stud is fitted into the screw sleeve. In order to preclude any loosening of screw sleeve from high-pressure hose when mounting the hose stud, the end to be screwed on the high-pressure hose side is a left-hand thread.
So, a sturdy, detachable and pressure-proof connection can be obtained.
This system allows to define the lengths of hose lines and to mount them without special tools even outside a specialised workshop.
Now, the end of hose stud can be fitted in a push-in type connector or cutting-ring fitting.
Upon connection to a plug-in fitting or push-in type connector, only one hose stud is used supporting this system. The relevant hose stud has then got a claw-groove (slot) on the pipe to match the push-in type connector.
Hose studs are available with and without claw-grooves (slot) in straight and bent version. We offer our bent hose studs in designs of 90° and 45°. The various hose studs of Company Fritsche are made of steel, galvanized surface, steel galvanised, black chromated or stainless steel VA 1.4401/316. For our large range of hose studs, we do also offer suitable screw sleeves to fit onto our high-pressure hoses (840 bars).


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