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adapter 45° adapter 90° protective hose
adapter 45 degree adapter 90 degree protective hose split wrap
plastic helix elbows with tapered thread socket unions for tapered sleeves
plastic helix spiral protection elbows with tapered thread socket unions for tapered sleeve
tapered sleeves reinforcing socket for plastic tube hose strap
tapered sleeve reinforcing socket for plastictube hose strap nylon tie
illuminated push button filling pump filling connection
illuminated push button filling pump for cartridge filling filling connection
filling connection straight 90° filling connection rubber lined tube clamp
Filling connection straight Lubrication technology filling connection 90° rubber lined tube clamp
coupling female coupling male adapter
coupling female coupling male DIN 7241-B adapter
coupling female screw coupling male screw greasing block M10x1 / 1/8 BSP
coupling female screw coupling male screw Greasing block
closure plug double cone drive socket union for double cone drive
closure plug double cone olive socket union for double cone olive
bracket for coupling socket, 90° coupling socket with return flow port coupling plug
bracket for coupling socket coupling socket sleeve with return flow port coupling coupler plug
stub for coupling plug dust cover for stub t-banjo fitting
stub for coupling plug dust cover for stub t-banjo fitting
high pressure grease nipple manometer manometer screw connection
high pressure grease nipple manometer manometer screw connection
spring coil short,
stainless steel, 304
banjo fitting free movable, 90° angle Banjo for construction vehicles
Spring coil short banjo fitting freely movable 90 degree angle  Banjo for construction vehicles

Here you can find all accessories for lubrication technology, for example for a centralised lubrication system or a manual lubrication device.

Please click on the respective picture for obtaining all necessary information for your need in lubrication technology.

As a leading manufacturer in the field of lubrication technology, we are your partner world-wide for all questions as far as accessories for lubrication technology are concerned.

We have been developing, manufacturing, and optimising products and accessories for lubrication technology in close co-operation with our customers all over the world since 1989.

Our wide range of products offers various decisive advantages of our co-operation to our satisfied customers:
  • All articles from the range of accessories for lubrication technology are instantly available ex warehouse which will reduce the customer's warehousing costs.
  • Special models according to customer drawing are also made by us, even in minor quantities.
  • All components for lubrication technology are made in compliance with valid DIN- and/or ISO-standards.
Lubrication technology involves a very wide range that is why we have focused on the field of accessories for lubrication technology .
This also includes, among others, such common products as:

Thanks to the focus on this range, we are your efficient partner for lubrication technology.
Both - delivery capacity and know-how of our employees - will convince you.
This means, we do not only manufacture and supply fittings and hose lines for centralised lubrication systems but also all the associated accessories for lubrication technology.
This includes, among others, the manual greasing aid. This provides a simple and still reliable possibility of lubrication technology to supply hardly accessible bearing points with lubricant.
You only need our junction block as greasing manifold, our high-pressure grease fitting for manual greasing, some high-pressure hose 840 bars with hose stud and screw sleeve as well as some cutting-ring fittings.
Generally, lubrication technology is used in all places where something is rotating or moving in order to reduce friction and wear. Our products for lubrication technology enable you to operate your machines more efficiently, ease upkeep, improve maintenance and enhance safe operation of machines. Time and costs in your enterprise will be decreased thanks to the use of this lubrication technology.
General fittings and hose lines are made by us. But we also manufacture turned parts and milled parts both in small and large batches for your lubrication technology according to your drawing and/or customer specifications. Production quantities of 500 to 1,000,000 parts are not a problem for our production capacity.

We would be glad to receive your enquiry from the field of lubrication technology along with a meaningful drawing in order to draw-up a quotation for you in the short term.

As regards these special parts, please take care of exact specification of tolerances and material selection in order to preclude errors and misunderstandings. Please send us your enquiry for special parts of Lubrication technology only in writing per fax to 0049 4186 888 2999 or per e-mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

If you have special demands on fittings, we would also co-operate with you in the development of suitable fittings in order to offer you an adequate solution of your problems in the field of lubrication technology.
We are in fond of challenges to render assistance to you in solving your special problems in the field of lubrication technology.
The principle "No can do – Does not exist" is our utmost head note.
That is why we only present a brief excerpt of the articles which we can produce and deliver from our range of accessories for lubrication technology as well as from all other sites of our homepage and our catalogue.
On our web site, we only show the products needed by our customers for everyday work in all branches of lubrication technology. As regards all other products, please send us a brief enquiry

All products for the field of lubrication technology shown on our homepage can be delivered instantly and ex warehouse, even in larger quantities. We are the efficient partner for dealers, manufacturers, wholesale dealers and assembling factories working with lubrication technology and centralised lubrication systems.
On demand, we are also prepared to match our production and our stock with your needs.
We continuously extend our production and stock in the field of lubrication technology in order to ease your work.
We can also do project planning work in the field of lubrication technology jointly with you for all relevant industrial sectors and determine the needs.

We would be glad to be or to become your efficient partner in the field of lubrication technology in the future.
Challenge us – we will convince you.



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