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filling pump

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filling pump for cartridge fillingfilling pump for cartridge filling
Filling pump conform to din 1284 for a 400 cm3 cartidge
C.-Item No.
Item No.
with stub
  100-204 2 M 26 x 1,5

Material: steel, galvanized surface


Contaminated grease in lubrication systems  can lead to bearing damage or to a total break down of the lubrication system.
In most lubrication systems, the grease is consumed and a regular re-filling is essential.
Filling pumps are used in order to ensure a clean and a dust-free environment for re-filling the grease container in a lubrication system.
This filling system allows the operator to provide  the lubrication system with grease without opening the system itself.

Filling process

The filling cylinder will be unscrewed and than a grease-filled cartridge introduced.  A  filling connection straight or a 90° filling connection is mounted on the underside of the filling pump and on the lubrication pump.
By pressing down the piston rod of the filling pump,  the grease in the cartridge is pressed into the reservoir of the lubrication pump.
The piston rod is retracted and the empty cartridge is removed from the filling pump. This process is repeated until the desired grease quantity is refilled.

Our range provides 2 different filling pumps:
Filling pump with stub  is simply plugged into the pump. Here, the filling connectors with our item n° 100-200 and 100-208 are used.

Filling pump without stub is screwed to the pump. In this case, the filling connector straight or the 90° filling connector is used.
Depending on the model, the filling pump can be either plugged or screwed.
Central lubrication pumps of different brands and designs can be filled with our filling connectors and filling pumps.

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