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push-in fittings for lubrication systems

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Push-in straight connector Push-in connector Push-in elbow-connector
Push-in straight connector push-in connector Push-in elbow connector
Push-in 90° swivel freely movable connector    
Push-in swivel freely movable    



Push-in fittings as well as our straight plug-in male fittings and/or plug-in connectors are suited for use on plastic tubes PA 6 and PA 12 as well as steel pipes or pipe sockets. The high-pressure plug-in connectors and/or high-pressure plug-in fittings are suited for hose lines made of plastic tubes PA 6 and PA 12 or our high-pressure hose lines 840 bars with pipe socket and claw slot. Our push-in male fittings can withstand an operating and/or working pressure of up to 80 bars and can be detached without any tool and reused. The major advantages of this technology are considerable time savings upon assembly and the push-in fittings can be used several times with an optimal result.


The excellent pressure strength enables their use as fitting with plug-in connector during the installation of centralised lubrication systems. Our connecting elements are compatible with the designs of many renowned manufacturers of centralised lubrication systems. Fritsche push-in fittings complement with their technical features the range of ferrule fittings offered and well-proven over years. They are available as push-in connectors and are used by many manufacturers of centralised lubrication systems upon installation of such systems. A foresaid push-in fittings allow

•    a machine manufacturer
•    an automobile builder
•    a superstructure maker
•    an agricultural machine maker
•    a wind-power plant maker

to mount lubrication systems as works installation in initial equipment with cost-effective mounting expenditure. Thanks to the technology of a push-in fitting, the assembly time for connection to the high-pressure plastic tube or, when using the high-pressure hose line with hose socket with slot, is considerably lesser as compared to the ferrule fitting. It is only necessary to cut the piping to adequate length and to insert the push-in fitting. The plastic tube or the pipe socket with slot is then instantly locked and clamped pressure-resistant.
This technology has been used for compressed-air and pneumatic systems for many years. Now, our push-in fitting offers these advantages also in the field of high-pressure equipment for centralised lubrication systems. Push-in fittings can be used for high-pressure lubrication systems, grease lubrication systems or pluggable for plastic tubes or pipe sockets with slot and are ideally suited for lubrication from progressive feeder up to bearing point.
Here, it is immaterial whether a sectional feeder or a block feeder is used.

Our fitting assortment (push-in fittings, ferrule fittings 24°) can be delivered ex warehouse Kakenstorf.

As a manufacturer of fittings and various accessories for centralised lubrication, we cover a wide range of the needs of connecting equipment for centralised lubrication systems of various lubrication-system manufacturers.
We advise you of the products from our assortment which will meet your requirements best.
If, however, a special requirement is emerging which we cannot meet for the time being, we will also produce exclusively for you as from a definite quantity of parts and according to drawing.

Technical specification:
Hose types recommended: PA 6-6 and PA 12
Hose tolerances: +/- 0.05 pursuant to CETOP-standard
Temperature range: -20° C up to + 70°C
Operating pressure:  80 bar

The pressure range is considerably affected by the hoses and tubes used as well as by ambient temperature.

Assembly instructions:

1. Cut plastic tube to length by means of hose clippers 90° and deburr.
2. Take care that the tube is not ovally deformed.
3. Insert tube into push-in fitting up to the stop (the plastic tube offered by us has got graduation marks to facilitate this operation visually)


 By pressing the release collar and concurrent drawing of hose, the plastic tube can be dismounted again. After hose connection, it must be ensured that the hose does not undergo any tensile load and the minimum bending radius is respected.

Please note that our push-in fittings for centralised lubrication systems shall be installed only by skilled staff.
We will give you professional advice with respect to any and all technical concerns; be it before, during or even after installation by our skilled and qualified staff.

Our products are not conceived for use in private households

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