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Consultancy for centralised lubrication technology

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The company Fritsche GmbH & Co. KG
- Customer satisfaction is a self-evident fact for us -

The company Fritsche GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1989 and has developed with a steadily growing success to a reliable partner for an international established clientele. As an owner-managed, is the company Fritsche GmbH & Co. KG for more than 27 years a serious partner: customer-oriented, innovative and flexible!




Centralised lubrication technology

Company Fritsche is manufacturer of a large range of fittings, hoses, plastic tubes and couplings for centralised lubrication technology.

We are trading our products world-wide and our national and international customer base increase steadily. Our success is not only based on our high quality standards of our fittings for the centralised lubrication technology but also our professional and competent consultancy our multilingual staff in all concerns and questions around centralised lubrication. High requirement and expectance in our raw material selection, manufacturing processing, warehousing and forwarding staff reflects our success.

Company Fritsche has one guideline – we already support our customers during their planning phase, assist them by optimising their process with the most suitable products for centralised lubrication systems. We assist and consult our customers, support their development with our 27 years experience in centralised lubrication systems. We cover as manufacturer of fittings as well as a large range of accessories for centralised lubrication systems the majority of the need in industrial fittings for centralised lubrication systems of all well-known producers of centralised lubrication systems. We do consult you what kind of a product of our product range exactly meets your needs. Just in case, we cannot meet a particular need, we can produce, depending on the quantity requested, a particular item for you.

Our daily challenge consists in finding customised solutions in centralised lubrication technology.

The main function of centralised lubrication technology is to supply from one central point single greasing points or groups of greasing points, having a different need of grease quantity. Greasing means (oils and grease) are used for lubrication in the centralised lubrication technology, avoiding wear due to rubbing and friction. Centralised lubrication technology is found in any moving technology (static or non-static) and supports effective the operating life of machines, their operating readiness and helps avoiding technical breakdowns and too frequent acquisitions. Centralised lubrication technology reduces maintenance costs of the machines and after all it minimizes the environmental impact because it remains only one central reservoir which has to be controlled and filled. Our customers benefit from our fair prizing, our excellent delivery rate and our high quality standard.

As a certified company according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and 14001:2005 we represent a process and system oriented of a quality management and a continuous improvement. The Norm ISO 9001:2008 is the latest version of international standards for the quality management. Our company wants to fulfill various requirements in order to achieve the maximum of customer satisfaction. The Norm ISO 9001:2008 is an international standard offering companies the possibility to realise environmental targets. We have introduced changes in our internal processes and equipments in order to meet our standard in environmental concerns.

Success means to introduce and to respect a good management system which is regularly reviewed and improved.



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