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History - from assembly fitter to producer of lubrication technology

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The company Fritsche GmbH & Co. KG
- Customer satisfaction is a self-evident fact for us -

The company Fritsche GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1989 and has developed with a steadily growing success to a reliable partner for an international established clientele. As an owner-managed, is the company Fritsche GmbH & Co. KG for more than 27 years a serious partner: customer-oriented, innovative and flexible!





Foundation of Fritsche Company

In the early years the main focus is

  • central lubrication technology
  • fittings for lubrication technology
  • Installations of single-line centralised lubrication systems of company Willy Vogel AG, Berlin, for commercial vehicles(Nowadays, the Willy Vogel AG and Lincoln Industrial belong to the SKF Group).

All of our technical knowledge and know-how concerning this is based on our long lasting assembling experience, consultancy, distribution and services in different systems of centralised lubrication technology.




Installation of progressive centralised lubrication systems of company Willy Vogel AG, Berlin, in the construction machinery as well as agricultural machinery sector (Nowadays, the Willy Vogel AG and Lincoln Industrial belong to the SKF Group).



Foundation of the Fritsche GmbH

From now on we concentrate on all kinds of special parts for the piping and fastening systems of centralised lubrication technology and systems.

1996 Expansion of the capacity of products by

In-house production of the Tyre Protection System

The in-house production included developing and improving of our product steadily beside that we are able to be up to the highest most modern standard of technology in the sector of

RPS Tyre Protection System


Bringing Plant Kakenstorf into service - independency and quickness

As a trend setting partner we will, as well in the future, offer the best system solutions with respect to quality and price. The new location enables us to react on customer wishes even faster than before. Stock items which are ordered till 2 pm will be send out on the same day. Besides that, one of our core competencies is to produce customised parts.


Certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000

QZV, a from the European Commission according to DIN EN 45012:1998 accredited laboratory, certificated the Fritsche GmbH in 2007 with the quality management system certificate according to the norm DIN EN ISO 9001.


Change of name into the current Fritsche GmbH & Co. KG as well as an enhancement of our production locations in Kakenstorf Eichenhöhe 4. Completion of our new administrative building and moving into our new offices, production hall and the new warehouse in the plant located in Kakenstorf Eichenhöhe 5.


2009 Re-certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and DIN EN ISO 14001:2005 by the accredited laboratory QZV.


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