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The company Fritsche GmbH & Co. KG
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The company Fritsche GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1989 and has developed with a steadily growing success to a reliable partner for an international established clientele. As an owner-managed, is the company Fritsche GmbH & Co. KG for more than 27 years a serious partner: customer-oriented, innovative and flexible!




---- Please find hereafter our novelties for lubricating systems ----




Greasing block, junction block

 Greasing block, junction block

 Greasing block, junction block

The steel greasing block is very useful for fixing components of any lubrication technology.
From now on, you can order several models in stainless steel 1.4401 / 316 / V4A.

In addition, we provide them with one or two mounting holes.

Industries such as the food industry, fertilizer and animal food industries, to name just a few, rely mainly on stainless steel components. Stainless steel is a resistant and neutral material.
Please follow the link hereafter, to see the complete range in metric or in inch (imperial) sizes.



We have just developed a special hose stud with the following advantages:

  • Space savings in the design of a central lubrication system
  • Time savings in installation
  • Cost savings because less components are required for connecting a steel pipe and the high pressure hose.


You can order this new item with the following item n°: 3510 - 101
Dimensions: da = 6, SW = 11
Material: galvanized steel

Please note that the coupling nut (106-200) and the cutting ring (106-210) are not included, but these items are required for installation.
You can find the complete list of our hose studs as well as some assembly examples, when you follow the following link: http://www.centrallubrication.com/en/centralised-lubrication-systems/hose-studs


Hose stud straight 
Hose stud straight




  Banjo for construction vehicles

Banjo for construction vehicles


We have expanded our accessory range for lubrication technology and included a special banjo, mainly for construction vehicles.
Especially in this area, the lubrication points are partially countersunk, as protection against external damage and against the penetration of dirt particles.
As an application example may be mentioned here the dipper arm excavator or wheel loader.

Technical data:
Thread sizes      G = M 10x1 / G 1 = M 10x1.
Countersink        L =  in 3 mm oder 8 mm

For further information about our new banjo, please click on our link “Lubrication technology – accessories”.



The adapter 45° and the adapter 90°play not an irrelevant role in the connecting technology of lubricating systems. Among other application possibilities, the adapter can be used as a alternative fitting to a elbow screw fitting at the bearing point. Often the bearing points in lubricating systems are difficult to access. A n easy solution for this case is our adapter 90° or the adapter 45° and a straight strewel coupling.
On account of the risen demand, we have extended our selection in adapter thread sizes.
From now on you receive the following new thread sizes:

Adapter 45°
Steel, galvanised surface:
Art. Nr. 5010-101 in   D = 1/8 NPT and d = 1/8 NPT
Stainless steel 1.4401 / 316 / V4A
Art. N°. 5010-201 in  D =  M 10x1 and d = M 10x1
Art. N°. 5010-202 in  D = 1/8 BSP and d = 1/8 BSP

Adapter 90°
Steel, galvanised surface:
Art. N°. 5011-101 in D = 1/8 NPT and d = 1/8 NPT
Art. N°. 5011-103 in D = 1/8 NPT and d = M 6x1
Stainless steel 1.4401 / 316 / V4A
Art. N°. 5011-201 in D = 1/8 BSPT and d = 1/8 BSPT
Art. N°. 5011-202 in D = M 10x1 and d = M 10x1

Please note that you can find all further information and versions by clicking on “lubrication technology – accessories”


adapter 45 degreeadapter 90 degree





Spring coil long

Spring coil short



Our spring coil protects hoses and plastic pipes from external abrasion (wear of friction) and severe bending.
This makes spring coils so needful in any hose or pipe systems.  
Mainly hose assemblies installed directly behind the fittings in centralised lubrication systems and they are particularly stressed by bending.
For reinforcing this part in hose systems, we have expanded our product portfolio with two different versions of  spring coil.
Our spring coil prevents from kinking, while retaining the hose flexibility.

The use of spring coils also avoids overstretching.

For further and detailed information about our spring coil for lubricating systems, please click on our Link „SPRING COIL“ or on our catalogue PDF "Lubricating systems couplings and tubing“.

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