Progressive lubrication System

In a centralized lubrication installation with progressive distributors, a so called progressive lubrication system, the individual lubrication points are supplied in a sequential and in a hierarchical order.
A progressive distributor or lubricant distributor supply the lube points in a progressive (progressive) order with lubricants.

The so-called lubrication time in a progressive lubrication system is identical with the pump running time which is limited by the fact that all lubrication points in the system should be supplied once. During the break time,  there is a certain pressure relief in the main and secondary lines. The lubricant distributor of a progressive lubrication system consists of pipe (line) elements and progressive distributor elements. It is possible that all components are combined into one part.

This lubrication system is suitable for grease (NLGI class 2) and oils and can supply up to several 100 lubrication points. The application fields for the progressive lubrication system are for example punching industries, wood processing industries...

The progressive lubricant distribution starts automatically after one cycle has supplied the last lubrication point. The obvious advantage of centralised lubrication with a progressive lubrication system is the relative low investment costs.
These are due to the fact that only one main line, simple pumps and distributors are needed.

The progressive lubrication system is often found in more recent centralised lubrication installation for machinery and vehicles, because this lubrication technique for grease up to NLGI class  2 does not exist  as long as the other systems.

Nevertheless, the progressive lubrication system has proved itself on the market and has already become standard in many application fields.

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