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RPS is a high-tech product which is produced in our formula. It is an automatic and permanent sealing of tyre damage in the entire commercial vehicle range. This liquid can be poured in by the users themselves in all tyres which are used for vehicles up to a speed of 80 km/h. These include

RPS is a tyre maintenance program with the goal of reducing the real total costs for tyres and to enhance safety.
It is a preventive maintenance product, which - once introduced into the tyre - a tyre life, helps prevent damage due to air loss. It enhances the lifetime of the vehicle tiyes and seals leaks occurring immediately and definitively. In case of a damage caused by foreign bodies penetrating into the tread, the RPS-fibers will be pressed, through the tyre pressure, against the object and in addition to that the transport fluid will cover the object which caused the leak (e.g. a nail). The fibers surround the leak, thereby preventing a permanent pressure loss.

If the object will be taken off, the RPS-fibers will close the hole while driving through the combination of centrifugal force, air pressure and vehicle weight, which the tyre continuously deformed into the resulting hole pushed. This air can hardly escape from the tyre and it is best to water, dirt and snow sealed.

Since RPS is not based on adhesive works they remain fully repairable and renewable.

In addition, RPS prevents some other causes of tyre problems, such as incorrect tyre pressure, overheating and tyre imbalance.

See PDF Catalog RPS tyre protection system.


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