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Fritsche GmbH & Co. KG - Centralised lubrication systems

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The company Fritsche GmbH & Co. KG
- Customer satisfaction is a self-evident fact for us -

The company Fritsche GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1989 and has developed with a steadily growing success to a reliable partner for an international established clientele. As an owner-managed, is the company Fritsche GmbH & Co. KG for more than 27 years a serious partner: customer-oriented, innovative and flexible!




This success of the company Fritsche GmbH & Co. KG is based on: 

  • High class quality standard
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Fair price policy
  • Flexibility

The high-class quality standard of the products of company Fritsche GmbH & Co. KG is reflected in our quality management system, certificated after German Institute for Standardization DIN EN ISO  9001:2008 and DIN EN ISO 14001:2005, but also the attitude of our staff and every single employee – giving every day the best. 

   The motto of the company Fritsche GmbH & Co. KG is: Standstill means high-class loss.

With this motto walks along an investment readiness, which is reflected in employee's training, warehouse  and production technology, as well as generally support like office technology. We, the company Fritsche GmbH & Co. KG build on competent employees being connected about many years with company Fritsche GmbH & Co. KG. Clear target agreements, appraisal interviews, open work atmosphere, health initiatives and interesting advanced vocational trainings possibilities should contribute to the well-being of the employees. A good staffing policy contributes to a responsible acting of the employees.

The high-class quality standard of our products, our detailed technical  knowledge and service standard, fair prices of our customers, as well as our adherence to delivery dates for national and international customers, make us, the Fritsche GmbH & Co. KG, for more than 27 years to a worldwide respected partner in the area of the central lubrication technology.

As an efficient producer and supplier of fittings and hose lines for centralised lubrication systems supplies Fritsche GmbH & Co. KG manufacturer, as well as industry, workshops and local authority districts worldwide with our products for centralized lubrication systems . We are trading with customers in East Europe and Western Europe, Australia, North America, South America, Asia or Africa.
The product range of the company Fritsche GmbH & Co. KG encloses a huge number of current fittings and hose lines for lubrication systems. Thanks to the flexibility of our company, we can react extremely fast to new demands. Indeed, we extend our product range steadily. The company Fritsche GmbH & Co. KG offers innovations and technology to the customers to meet the challenges from tomorrow. The company Fritsche GmbH & Co. KG sees itself as a partner of the customer and solves customised concerns and duties under economic points of view. The demands of our customers stand in the centre of our activities. All processes of company  Fritsche GmbH & Co. KG serve the improved fulfillment of these customer standards. Prompt solutions for our customers and therefore a big customer satisfaction are always in the foreground for our team.

Innovative ideas concerning the operative processes and product innovations can be taken over after a suitable test phase. So, the company Fritsche GmbH & Co. KG extends steadily its product range and deliver the optimum result in products to the customers,  corresponding  to the actual technical status quo.
For the company Fritsche GmbH & Co. KG is steady availability of all products, the quick treatment of customer inquiries and customer orders an self-evident fact. With our experience and specialist knowlegde, we adise our customers as a trend-setting partner,  being  able to offer the best  solutions in view of quality and fair pricing.
In transportation and shipping, we are exclusively working with big forwarding companies whose core business is the worldwide transport of goods. The use of modern logistics means is natural for us. The most modern technology, like online tracking and tracing, allows us at any time to see the status of our shipment. Amongst others, company Fritsche GmbH & Co. KG is connected to the Atlas customs clearance procedure and allows us a constant control about the clearance status.

In 2007, in order to guarantee the quality of our services and products, company Fritsche GmbH & Co KG has been successfully certificated to the norm DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 by the German Institute for Standardization. With us, you have a reliable partner for your products concerning  lubrication systems. With the certification DIN EN ISO 14001:2005, the company Fritsche GmbH & Co KG intend consciously on activity which contribute to the environmental protection or to healthier jobs. The conscious and intelligent use of the resources and the energy efficiency of our products is an important factor for our action. The management and all employees of the company Fritsche GmbH & Co. KG commit themselves to apply and to help actively in the constant improvement.

Our dynamic company’s philosophy is reflected in a constant optimizing process. Professionalism and competence characterize us from the order acceptance up to the goods delivery to our customers.


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