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Connection pieces are used as adapters, extensions, lubrication nipple extensions or reducing sockets.

They are available in different lengths and thread sizes so that every lubrication point is reached.

In general, a connection piece extension of a lubrication nipple extension is nothing other than an adapter. The connection piece is used as a joint unit, has become a vital part of connection engineering systems and is used in many industrial sectors.

In central lubrication engineering, the connection piece extensions for tube and hose connections are used for different nominal widths and screw or push-in connections. Fritsche only offers connection piece extensions for solder-free screw connections.


General differentiation is made between two thread types:

Connection piece extensions are equipped with a tapered or cylindrical screw-in thread at the one end and a cylindrical inner thread at the other end with a recess for solder-free tubing screw fixtures according to DIN 3854 / DIN 3862. The tapered screw-in thread is inserted into a lubrication point or a distribution unit, for example, and with its tapered thread provides liquid-tight sealing. Tapered threads are self-sealing.

In case of a cylindrical thread, the sealing effect is achieved by using additional seals or gaskets. The inner thread is inserted into a screw-in connection socket. In this way the connection piece is used for example as joint between a hard-to-access lubrication point and a tube. By tightening the coupling nut, the double cone ring is compressed and swaged due to the conical inner side. During this process, the inside of the double cone ring cuts into the outer wall of the plastic tube and thus ensures form-closed sealing.

Depending on the type of application, the connection piece extension is also referred to as lubrication nipple extension or reducing socket.  

Entsprechend der jeweiligen Anwendung,  wird die Anschlussstück Verlängerung  auch Schmiernippel Verlängerung oder  Reduzierstück genannt 

Overview of applications and options for use

Direct connection between a hard-to access lubrication point and a tube. The tube may either be a plastic tube or a high-pressure hose. For assembly, it must be noted that with use of specific plastic tubes, a push-in socket is required for reinforcement and in combination with that a coupling screw with cone ring. Push-in sockets are not required for assembly of steel tubes.   A screw-in socket and a tube stud are required for assembly of a high-pressure hose.

The connection piece extension can be directly screwed into a distributor.

The connection piece extension can be used for short or long paths with one or two lubrication points.

What is referred to as reducing socket can be used as a connection piece extension. This is a connection piece with two different thread sizes. The component is referred to as reducing socket if the outer thread is larger than the inner thread.

Please note that cleanliness is mandatory during all work at the system. The ingress of dirt and dust into the central lubrication system causes unnecessary downtime and costs.

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