Cutting ring fittings for lubrication

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Cutting ring fittings 24° DIN 2353 ISO 8434-1


For pumping oil and grease through tubes, tubing systems, plastic tubes and hose lines, cutting ring fittings are required for properly connecting and combining the different tubes and hoses with one another. The systems obtained in this way are characterised by high degrees of tightness and compression strength.

Cutting ring fittings for regular applications are available in the following designs, among others: steel 1.0718, 1.0402, carbon 20 or 45 (both with chromium-6-free galvanised surfaces)

On the other hand, cutting ring fittings made of high-grade stainless steel (1.4401/1.4571 material) are components that are well suited for application in the food processing industry, in the beverages industry but also in marine and harbour applications and other wetland areas. The reason being that stainless steel is a neutral and highly chemically resistant type of material.

To ensure proper specification, quality and rationalisation during installation and use of the cutting ring fittings, the production process is subject to special quality certification according to EN ISO 8434 and DIN 2353 standards. A cutting ring fitting generally comprises a stud with a 24° cone, a coupling nut according to DIN 3870 and a cutting ring according to DIN 3861 shape A or DIN 3861 shape B.

The studs used in cutting ring fittings are equipped with both a screw-in thread (available in different sizes) and an external thread with W bore shape according to DIN 3861, with an incorporated 24° cone. The coupling nuts are also equipped with metric threads; depending on the design and tube diameter, these threads are available in different sizes. In order to ensure the extremely high sealing performance required, the cutting rings are also equipped with a 24° cone.

To make cutting ring fittings available and usable for a variety of applications in lubrication engineering, in hydraulics and pneumatics, the screw fittings produced in standardised industrial manufacturing are initially available with three typical screw thread variants. The screw fittings for cutting rings are classified as LL, L and S types.

Operating pressure according to type:

Type Outer tube diameter Nominal pressure / operating pressure in bar
LL (very light) 4-8 100
L (light) 6-15 · 18-22 · 28-42 250 · 160 · 100
S (heavy) 6-14 · 16-25 · 30-38 630 · 400 · 250

In this context, for specification of the operating pressure it must be taken into account that the burst pressure for cutting ring fittings is significantly higher than the operating pressure.


Cutting ring fittings that are used in central lubrication engineering significantly facilitate the mechanical and manual tasks due to their design and ensure economical and efficient performance of processes. The major benefit of state-of-the-art cutting ring fittings is the ease of assembly that the systems provide. Cutting ring fittings are suitable for installation into the most varied processes and are the most widely used screw fitting components. Retention of the tube or hose is ensured by the cutting ring in a crimped connection. Connections using cutting ring fittings are most frequently used with plastic tubes, metal tubes and hose systems.

Our cutting ring fittings can be used for grease central lubrication systems or viscous oil supply systems .

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