Hose studs

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Our tube studs or hose studs are compatible with screw sleeves and high-pressure hoses by all renowned manufacturers of central lubrication units and central lubrication systems.


Properties - design - materials:

Tube studs are connection elements that are used together with screw sleeves to connect high-pressure hoses with cutting ring fittings or push-in fittings.

This type of connection is solder-free.


Our tube studs are available in various sizes suitable for high-pressure hoses in the following diameters, 4.1 x 8.75, 6.3 x 11.3 and 1/8" x 5/16; they can be supplied in different qualities, e.g. galvanised steel, black chromated steel and stainless steel VA 1.4401/316/V4A.


Moreover, we provide different designs of hose studs, depending on application conditions:

90° - 45° or straight design. All models are available with or without a groove.



Assembly / disassembly:

In the first step, the screw sleeve must be inserted in the high-pressure hose. Subsequently, the tube stud is inserted into the screw sleeve. The inner thread of the screw sleeve is a left-hand thread. This prevents the screw sleeve from loosening from the high-pressure hose during assembly of the tube stud.

If a cutting ring fitting is used, further assembly requires tube studs without a groove.

For units using push-in fittings, only tube studs with a groove must be used. Push-in fittings are simply plugged onto the matching tube studs.



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