Hoses and tubes for central
lubrication systems


For more detailed information with regard to our hoses and tubes please click on the respective images.

Here you can find supply and feed line hoses and tubes in various diameters and materials. Plastic tubes, polyamide tubes, as per DIN 73378, in the qualities PA 12 HL and PA 12 PHL.

The high-pressure hoses and plastic tubes by Fritsche are suitable for grease lubrication and central lubrication systems of all conventional lubrication system manufacturers.

Please note the remarkable product properties of our high-pressure hoses and plastic tubes with regard to their small bending radius at strikingly low inner and outer diameters.

Our plastic tubes and high pressure hoses are used in lubrication systems to connect the progressive distribution unit with the lubrication point or the relubrication distributor (or piston distributor) to the lubrication point.

No special tools are required for assembly of the respective screw fittings for our tubes and hoses.

The materials we use have excellent resistance properties and are insensitive to oil, grease and lubricants so that they are perfectly suited for application in central lubrication systems. This is proved by the fact that all major manufacturers from the sector of central lubrication units, central lubrication systems and central lubrication engineering rely on our quality.

 We provide the following connection and fastening elements for our hoses and tubes



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