The use of state-of-the-art technology results in high investment costs.

To ensure the redemption of such high costs, long-term maintenance of value and availability have great priority. To this end, central lubrication engineering and the use of suitable lubricants, both in industrial systems and in the field of utility vehicles, play a major role. Central lubrication systems in combination with the appropriate lubricants, such as grease and oil, have a decisive impact on the longevity and reliability of plants and vehicles. If these requirements are ignored or if unsuitable lubricants are used, the dearly bought technical advantages of cutting-edge industrial plants and utility vehicles may quickly be lost.

Lubricants , which are available in a large range, are classified on the basis of various specifications and standards. However, these are mere guidelines and do not provide exhaustive instructions for application options.

The foundation for maintenance of value and reliability of a machine is the right choice of lubricant. The ultimate purpose of lubricants is to guarantee safe lubrication even at the most unfavourable operating conditions.

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