Consumption Lubrication

The consumption lubrication is characterised by a intermittent and a continuous supply of fresh lubricant to one or several lubrication points.

The lubricant is only used once in the lubrication process, therefore the lubricant is only used in very small quantities and exactely dosed by special devises.  After the lubrication process is finished, the lubricant, if it still exists, is replaced  by a fresh one.

The consumption lubrication requires a precise control.

Advantages of the consumption lubrication:

  • exact measuring of the lubricant and for each single lubrication point
  • less lubricant quantity is needed
  • good monitoring of the lubrication points
  • Monitoring of the coupling with the machine control
  • supply of all types of lubrication points
  • Expandability: the lubrication system can be easily extended.

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