The dual-line system

The dual–line system convey the lubricant under pressure over a 3/2 way control valve via two main lines through the entire lubrication system.

During the discharge time (“dead time”) of one line, is the other line active.
An overlapping or a direct connection in the two main lines is possible. The lubricant distributor can consist of one ,  or of several distribution elements.

All components in a dual-line system can be merged in one element.

The lubricant distributors are integrated in these two main lines which are alternately operate by pressure increase and pressure decrease  and convey the lubricant through the  high pressure hose lines. In a dual-line system, the pressure alternation is controlled by a reversal between the pump and lubricant distributor.

A dual-line system is mainly suitable for centralised lubrication systems  where high pressure ranges are needed, with a high number of lube points and long lines distances.The application field for dual-line systems  are large industrial plant where the lube points are not next to each other. Further, the dual-line system is often the perfect solution and used  in industry branches like mills. 

Advantages of a dual-line system:

  • Many lube points are supplied from one central point.
  • This lubrication technique allows lubrication in low ambient temperatures, with long lines distances and high pressure ranges.
  • Wide ranging application field of the lubrication grease with the penetration class 00 – 3
  • The Rugged construction of the lubrication distributor is suitable for the harshest conditions.
  • This lubrication system can be easily extend, for example by subsidiary lines
  • The lubricant volume can be easily, individualy and subsequently adjusted for each single lube point.

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