Multi-line system

Centralised lubrication based on a multi-line system can also supply small groups of machines as well as machine systems.  This type of automatic lubrication system is called a multi-line system.
The multi line system often use the propulsion form the machine which has to be lubricated.

For lubricating, the multi-line system can use the machine’s own propulsion.
One characteristic of the multi-line system is that each lubrication point is supplied by a separate line from the pump.

The pump of the multi-line system disposes about several output-connections. This pump is  also called hedgehog pump.

This simple centralised lubrication system supplies via single convey elements, which are individual piloted and dosed, directly the lubricant to the bearing points.

The delivery volume for each output at the pump can be individually regulated.

A multi-line system is primarily used in small machines and can convey the lubricant up to 32 lubrication points.


Advantages of a multi-line system:

  • Very simple design and construction of a lubrication system.
  • The multi-line system does not require lubricant distributors, settings can be made directly at the pump.
  • The lubricant volume can be easily modified at each pump output, also possible during operation.

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