Lubrication technology -

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for all current lubrication techniques.


Here you can find the accessories for the field of lubrication engineering; the range includes components for central lubrication systems, manual lubrication aids including nipple block, or accessories for hoses and tubes.


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Fixing components for hoses and tubes, feed cylinders and feed connections, control and monitoring devices, etc. are also vital components for central lubrication.

This range of products offers a complete solution that covers all major components required in lubrication systems.


In our capacity as a leading manufacturer in the field of lubrication engineering, we act as your worldwide partner for lubrication system accessories. Since 1989, we have developed, produced and optimised products and accessories for lubrication engineering in cooperation with our customers from all parts of the world.


To provide a possibly large range of products, we extended our portfolio by special types of accessories.


Our comprehensive product range provides several unique benefits for cooperation and thus ensures satisfied customers:


  • All articles are directly available from stock
  • Reduced storage costs for our customers
  • Production of standard parts in compliance with DIN and ISO
  • Manufacturing of special models according to customer drawings

In-house production also includes screw fittings and hose lines. We are also happy to manufacture turning and milling parts according to your specifications, both in small and large batches. Production quantities ranging from 500 to 1,000,000 parts are no problem for our production facilities.



The accessories range for lubrication engineering includes:




We are pleased to be or to become your strong and reliable partner for lubrication engineering.


Challenge us - you will be convinced by our solutions.



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