T-banjo fittings

T-banjo fitting
T-banjo fitting

Steel zinc / steel zinc-nickel / CrVI free

Item No: G G1 L SW Bag Box
100-323 M 10 x 1 M 10 x 1 35 14 50 250
100-324 1/8 BSP 1/8 BSP 35 14 50 250

Basic information

This banjo in T-piece design is a special gland for use at the input of a progressive distributor of a centralized lubrication system. Due to the special design of this elbow bolting, the main line of the central lubrication pump can be connected with the main distributor, respectively the high pressure hose can be connected from the pre-distributor to a sub-distributor. 

In addition, there is also the possibility to screw in our high pressure grease nipple. This prevents the lubrication system from running without grease or lubricants in case there is a failure in the centralized lubrication system. With this lubrication nipple the distributor can be lubricated so that all lubrication points are supplied with grease and lubricants despite a failure in the centralized lubrication system. 

Alternatively or additionally, a pressure gauge can be installed in order to control and monitor the pressure build-up of the central lubrication pump. 


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