Rubber lined tube clamps /
pipe clamps

Tube clamps
Tube clamps

Vinyl coated steel clamps provide hose and tube support where long lengths are used.  Provide neater installation of hose lines in all kind of manual and automatic central lubrication systems. Minimise hose and tube chafing and prevents damages.

Steel, surface galvanised - elastic insert EPDM - DIN 3016

Item No D mm D1 D2 Bag Box
100-506 6 5,3 12 100 2000
100-508 8 5,3 12 100 2000
100-509 9 5,3 12 100 2500
100-512 12 5,3 12 100 2500
100-515 15 5,3 12 100 1000
100-518 18 5,3 12 100 1500
100-522 22 5,3 12 50 1000
100-525 25 5,3 12 50 1000
5023-009 29 5,3 12 50 500
100-606 6 6,4 15 100 2000
100-608 8 6,4 15 100 2000
100-609 9 6,4 15 100 1000
100-610 10 6,4 15 100 1000
100-612 12 6,4 15 100 1000
100-615 15 6,4 15 100 1000
100-618 18 6,4 15 100 1000
100-620 20 6,4 15 50 1000
100-622 22 6,4 15 50 1000
100-625 25 6,4 15 50 500
100-629 29 6,4 15 50 500

Our pipe  clamp is suited for the fixation of  a single tube /pipe  but  also for  several tubes and pipes,  which are already tied with our plastic helix to a tube/pipe  bundle. The rubber lined tube clamp can be also used for bunding steel pipes and plastic pipes, as well as single cables or cable harness being already insert in a protective hose.

The manufacturers of central lubrication systems are using for fixing the  progressive distributors different screw measurements. According to this fact, we have adopted  in the conseption of our rubber lined tube clamp this screw measurement.

Therefore, our rubber lined pipe clamps are not only available in different dimensions of  the pipe diameter but also in two dimensions of the fixing bolt. Our rubber lined pipe clamp with the article No. 100-5 is for a fixing bolt with M5 and the rubber lined pipe clamp with the article No. 100-6. is for M6.

The  tube  diameter for which our pipe clamp is made results from the other digits of the article No. of our pipe clamp.  Please have a look on the table above.

You can  find here a huge number of  pipe clamps, suitably to our high-pressure hose 840 bars or our plastic tube  6x1,5 (PA12HL) as well as all other cabels, lines an pipes which can be fixted by our pipe clamp.

This pipe clamp has a various application field in nearly all industiral branches, like vehicles construction, ship building and railway vehicle manufacturing.

Using pipe clamps by installation of high pressure hose lines or plastic tubes in lubrication systems is time saving and therefore more economic.

Our high-pressure tube 840 bars and our plastic tube  (PA12HL) but also any other kind of pipe or cable can be quickly fixed with only one screw. Our rubber lined pipe clamp protects the high pressure hose and plastic tube from vibrations, frictions and other kind of damages


The application possibilities and advantages of our  pipe clamp with rubber  insert are among other things:


  •     Rubber lined pipe clamps  prevent vibration damages and avoid contact corrosion.
  •     The reinforced  ends of the pipe clamp  prevent loosening of the assembled pipes and tubes.
  •     We do produce conform to the German standard DIN 3016
  •     The material used of the pipe clamp  is galvanised steel C6F, the rubber insert EPDM

Please note!

We do supply our pipe clamps without screws and  nuts.


We, as manufacturer of fittings for centralized lubrication systems, recommend for safety reasons that all fitting assembly should only be done by trained professionals.

These products are not for final customers!

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