Lubrication Methods

Lubrication methods or lubrication technologies are applied to convey lubricants in certain time intervals and in agreed lubrication quantities in one or several lubrication points. According to the lubrication methods, the lubricant is derived if necessary.

Lubrication methods find their application in the industrial lubrication, but also in many other application fields. Thus lubrication methods have a basic necessity for all kinds of vehicles, small machines, construction machines, agricultural machinery and also for wind turbine technology.
In order to meet the ever growing demands of our highly engineered world, new lubrication methods are constantly developed or the existing lubrication procedures are further developed. Beside the different lubrication methods, play course the different lubricants (lubrication media) a big role.
The constantly growing claims of the industry are seeking for innovative solutions to the different lubrication procedures and lubrication technologies.

Basically the different lubrication methods are classified as follows:

Consumption lubrication:
The consumption lubrication conveys the lubricant to the lubrication point. After the lubrication process the lubricant, if there is still a remaining quantity, is exchanged or it  is substituted with fresh lubricant.

Circulation lubrication:

A circulatory lubrication is a closed circuit system in which the lubricant is conveyed to the different lubrication point (friction points) and revert to the lubricant reservoir.

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