Single-line system

The characteristic of a single line system is that the lubricant is fed under pressure through a central main line to the various distributors and from there,  the lubricant is well dosed delivered to the lube points.
The appropriate lubricants or lubricating media for the single line system can be oil and grease (fluid greases, NLGI grades 000 and 00).
One or more lubricant distributor delivers an optimum lubricant quantity via a spring force in the re-lubrication distributor. Up to 100 lubrication points can be simultaneously supplied. 

Centralised lubrication with this pressure range primarly use solderless fittings and tube fittings (double or single cone rings).

A central lubrication system with a single-line system is especially suitable for harsh environments.
A robust single-line system, depending on the size of the pump, can supply small, medium or large plants with lubricant. Such application fields are for example, wind turbines and heavy commercial and construction vehicles in off-road use as well as mining equipment.
A single-line system is also tailored for smaller machines and equipment.

The advantages of a single-line system are among others the uncomplicated conception, construction and maintenance. 

In the centralised lubrication technology are two kind of single-line systems:

The single-line system with pre-lubrication line distributor

Due to the lubricant pressure (direct pressure) from the pre-lubrication line distributor, a metered quantity of lubricant is passed to the friction point (lube point) during the pressure build-up in the main-line. Once, the defined pressure rate of the pressure relief valve is reached, the pressure does not increase anymore while the pump is working. The discharge period begins when the pump is stopped. During the discharge time a pressure relief valve reduces the working pressure down to a residual pressure rate. Please note, that here the spring force in the distributor provides enough pressure for the  next lubrication cycle.

With the installation of an universal controller the lubrication intervals can be defined.

The single-line system with post-lubrication distributor

During the pumping term a measured lubricant quantity is prepared in the posts-lubrication distributor. This lubricant quantity is conveyed with the aid of a pressure spring (indirectly) after the beginning of the discharge period to the friction point (lubrication point). The transfer-time of the lubricant to the friction point extents over a longer period, depending to the resistances appearing to the friction point.

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